Refused - show of the year. I'll miss you.
Natalie, swearing curses.
Here are ten photos from my iPhone. All taken within the last two weeks of September, 2012. Who in the actual hell said that a picture tells a thousand words? What an iliterate germ. I maybe have 12, max:
1. This is me in a pink surfy jersey, getting really spat out by a soupy tube. A friend of mine, Kate filmed it. I wish she didn't. 2. The Bride of Nixon - In some toilet. Who carries around a marker in their pockets on a bender? Obviously some kinda genius. 3. So many options (two). Surry Hills. 4. Drew. Fabric cadet. About to explore some secret tacos. Really about to embed our selves in a spice trance. 5. Labyrinth doorway. All I wanted was to go outside, and found this. This is Sunny. And he's in my way. 6. This is my dad, in 1978 (or, 79?) This is what surfing looked like in 1978 (or, 79?) 7. Drew and Bernie. We lost some fins and minds at a salty surf contest. They both beat me in the end. My board was slippery, and I had a cramp. 8. Kai. Not the best look, pal. 9. Drew. Reading about future sausages and butterfly diners. Drinking Buds. Tuesday. 10. Drew. Burning serious organic rubber.
Pile in, my dear. Then pile the hell out. I'll join this mess, and laugh out all of the city toxins while I'm intruding, if I may? The air is silky, and the grass is emerald.
Cosmic Sally needs to drive us around, like Lightning McQueen obviously would.
Shameless by the nameless.
"Take me to Katy Perry, The Movie."
Wines down the hatch. Hunter Valley.